Rebecca was born in London. Her father is the musician Mike Thorn.

She studied piano under Sally Haynes and trained as an actress at the Drama Centre, London.

She is an actor, musician, composer, deviser and teacher. Her theatre company ‘Birds on a Wire’ are working on their first theatrical piece centred around the profound journey of the Menopause. This piece will be premiered in 2024.

Rebecca has enjoyed an extensive and varied career as a performer. She has worked at the National Theatre, playing Essie in The Devil’s Disciple and originating the role of Kohagi in Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards. She has collaborated with some of the most accomplished Directors in theatre, including Peter Hall, Stephen Daldry, Jeremy Herrin and Thea Sharrock. She has worked in the West End and in regional theatres across the country.

As a composer, Rebecca has written original songs which have featured on two albums, ‘This Is Why’ and ‘Rebecca Thorn’. She has composed featured music for Radio 4 and several songs used in theatre productions for the charity Scene and Heard and for Dirty Market.

As a singer, Rebecca has sung on numerous commercials, both for television and radio. She has also worked on several devised pieces of theatre with music. Collaborations with Dirty Market include ‘Be Good Revolutionaries’ and ‘Mrs Horton’s Finger’- both productions using original music composed by Rebecca.

More recently Rebecca has been working and collaborating extensively with the composer Helen Chadwick on various pieces of song theatre, including her latest song theatre piece ‘War Correspondents’, directed by the award winning choreographer and director Steven Hoggett.

She has worked extensively with Filament Theatre Company and worked on an extended collaboration with the artist Cally Spooner, singing original music by the composer Peter Joslyn in a piece entitled ‘And You Were Wonderful, On Stage’. A variety of films have been made of this piece and shown worldwide in Art galleries since 2016.

Rebecca has co-devised the show ‘The 1971 Project’– a concert of new arrangements of songs from four iconic albums from that year: Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’, James Taylor’s ‘Mud Slide Slim’, Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ and Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’. Since 2012, Rebecca and her band have performed ‘The 1971 Project’ to sell-out crowds at various venues in London and the South East.

Rebecca has a BA (hons) degree in English Literature from Kings College, London.

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  1. Hey Rebecca, You have arrived and I am leaving this message to remind you of what you have achieved so far which can only be described as truly impressive. You are truly a very gifted artist.


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